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It's been a year, and what a year!

Wow, it's been nearly a year since I last wrote on here and I suppose I can say the only reason I haven't done so is because its been such a busy year full of adventures, highs and lows!
Lately we have had some sad news and had to say goodbye to some of our customers and their dogs for various reasons and in particular we said a very sad goodbye to Rudy who was put to sleep and is now happily playing in doggy heaven. 
Over the past year we have had the privilege of working with a very large number of new dogs, cats and other animals and thank you for our great successes.

A stormy week!

Hello again!
Well, what a week Pets and Pals have had. As you already know it was Eliot's first week running the business full time and we were set for a busy one.
We had new signage printed for the new car which has been serviced and cleaned (although I'm sure it wont stay clean for long!) and Eliot spent a lot of time leafleting to encourage new customers. We have had two new customer enquiries which is so exciting and I am due to meet them both this week.
However, the busy week soon disintegrated thanks to the big storm that hit England at the beginning of the week!

Our first blog

Pets and Pals brand new Blog!
Hi there! Well, here we are, our first ever blog!
We are getting quite busy now, and with an ever growing number of pets to care for we are bound to have stories to tell and adventures to write about. You will find our regularly updated blog full of anecdotes about our days with your pets, so you will never miss out on the fun they have, and if you're reading this and considering using us to care for your pet then you can gain an insight into the fun and passion we put into looking after them!
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