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Puppy Visits
Pets and Pals pet sitting, dog walking and puppy visitsSo you've just bought a gorgeous new puppy, but inevitably you will need to go to work, go on holiday or for some other reason leave him alone.
This can cause a whole host of issues, ranging from separation anxiety to poor house training, nervousness and stress. These are extremely bad situations for a young puppy to get into and a puppy requires a lot more care and attention than the older more independant dog.
Pets and Pals offer a special service dedicated to paying your pre- vaccinated puppy a visit, giving him attention, love and most of all confidence that there will always be someone there to help, after all you would never leave your baby alone in the house would you?
Pets and Pals encourage good house training habits by letting the puppy into the garden to do his business, followed by huge amounts of praise and treats. Pets and Pals can offer advice in creating a bed environment for your puppy so it has a safe space to resort to if it is left alone between our visits, plus feeding, fresh water and of course huge amounts of fuss and positive attention.

Pets and Pals pet sitting, dog walking and puppy visits
We can also take your puppy to the vets for his vaccinations which are usually booked for weekdays, and once they are fully vaccinated and safe to leave the house we can take them on short walks to help develop those social skills and eradicate nervousness in public situations.
Pets and Pals pet sitting, dog walking and puppy visits
*we do not recommend you buy a puppy if you are likely to be leaving it for long periods of time within the first few months of its life as this causes huge stress for the puppy who will be craving the care of a pack leader, i.e. you. We will conduct puppy visits, however we insist on visiting a minimum of 3 times a day to reduce stress and allow the puppy to relieve its self. Encouraging your puppy to 'hold it' will affect house training progress dramatically and encourage a puppy to foul in its living space which is against its natural tendencies.
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